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In a Jetsy move NYJ hire Joe Vitt

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3 minutes ago, joenamathwouldn'tcry said:

What Vitt "did to Williams" was refute Williams testimony that Vitt refused to end the Bounty program.  When you respond to someone else's contention of wrongdoing, defending yourself, how is that doing something to them?  What did you expect him to do?  Not denying a report does not verify the report.  Maybe they decided to take the high road.  The "volatile situation" conclusion is in and of itself a judgement.  There is no "history" here.  It is a brand new situation.  Giving the benefit of the doubt is no more "putting your head in the sand", than you citing "symptoms", makes you a conspiracy theorist.  I hope you are wrong too.  Time will tell.

I'm not saying who's wrong or who's right, frankly I don't care what he did -  I'm not defending Williams or Vitt - just that there's contention there and an unhealthy situation that good organizations would avoid.

The history is one of failure for our acting owner, GM and new HC.  You can't simply ignore that - well I guess you can - but I won't.

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41 minutes ago, ECURB said:

They are probably still friends. Why else would Williams even sign with the Jets and Gase?

Hey Joe how you been? Long time no see!

Nice to see you Gregg! I am so excited to get to "work" with you again.

Hey amigo just yesterday I was just reminiscing about that time we got caught paying bounties and your testimony got me and Sean thrown out for a year?

Yeah sure.. sure! Wow, that was fun!

Yeah man....good times!



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