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Robert Kraft Thread


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Even after this year’s Super Bowl W Kraft was still sticking it to the Jets. Saying something about how great he was for getting Belichick for so little in compensation. Of course we all know who he’s talking about. He’s tried sticking it to us numerous times over the years always gloating sanctimoniously most notably after their first SB W when he went out of his way to diss our org. It’s not been forgotten or forgiven. But I don’t rejoice in his getting busted in a sting like this one because I don’t care anything about him personally. It’s just low level stuff. Look this was done in a strip mall and the price of a 1 hour massage was 70 bucks. And Kraft’s a billionaire. Kind of hard to figure you’d think with his money he’d go high end if he’s looking for action. And wanted anonymity. Or who knows maybe he didn’t. The crazy thing was he wasn’t the only wealthy person involved there were at least two other rich guys caught up in this. 

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10 hours ago, Maxman said:

So I am starting a new thread and I want everyone to read these words. The other threads were all merged and locked because people think they are commenting on CNN or FOX News. This is a Jets site, we don't do politics.

What happened is terrible for many reasons. The human trafficking story is unbelievably vile and sad. Really just terrible. That said, this isn't the place to discuss the problems of evil in the world.

A bit of a history lesson here, but there was a time when bad things happened to the Patriots it was considered a good thing. The Patriots owner was just arrested. Tom Brady is old and his arm is weak. They had a great story and it was a great run. But I am not sure why we seem to be unable to just have fun here without crossing the line anymore. Leave the politics out of it and just keep it at screw the Pats and we should be fine.

It shouldn't be that hard. Just enjoy their dynasty being over, the Jets will win the division next season.

Quick, someone lock this thread!  Crusher, are you there?

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Robert Kraft was spotted mingling with ‘hot’ Asian women before Super Bowl

February 24, 2019 | 12:21am | Updated 

Enlarge Image
Robert Kraft, owner and CEO of the New England Patriots, attends NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's press conference.
Robert KraftGetty Images

He likes to huddle with the honeys.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft mingled with a group of “hot” Asian women on the beach outside his swanky Florida condo in the days before Super Bowl LII, says a source who witnessed the gathering.

The frisky frolickers milled about with the 77-year-old billionaire on the sand as a young male worker carted out a collection of sporting goods for them: boogie boards, paddle boards and an umbrella for shade, the source said.

The hotties were “hanging around outside the house,” and Kraft was walking around with them, the source said.

Kraft then ducked inside his double unit, which is next to the famed Breakers resort in Palm Beach, according to the source.

It was unknown if the sun lovers had anything to do with the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, a massage parlor in nearby Jupiter where Kraft allegedly was caught on tape paying for sex acts.

Police say they secretly recorded johns at the joint from Jan. 18 to Jan. 22 — about the time the source saw Kraft on the beach — as part of a probe into human trafficking and prostitution at massage parlors.

Staff at the ritzy compound confirmed that curvy companions were Kraft’s preferred company.

“I see him on occasion, usually surrounded by girls, living the life of the billionaire,” said a Breakers pool boy


Kraft, who is in Los Angeles for the Oscars, has reason to avoid his oceanfront hangout.

He has not been arrested, but police are expected to serve his attorneys with a warrant on two misdemeanor counts of soliciting prostitution, a charge that carries up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.

If he returns to Florida, he could be taken into custody.

A patrol cop from the Palm Beach Police Department was parked at The Breakers on Saturday and kept watch in the lobby.

The officer said he wouldn’t arrest Kraft if he walked in, adding that only Jupiter cops have the authority to apprehend him.

Meanwhile, a Patriots player said teammates were “disappointed” in Kraft, who hasn’t contacted them since the scandal broke.

“The players have no idea where he is, and Kraft will keep quiet about [his location],” said the player, who asked not to be identified.

The player termed Kraft’s disappearing act “Mafia style.”

Kraft’s lawyer “categorically” denied that his client committed any crime.

Police say Kraft, who began dating actress Ricki Noel Lander, 39, after his wife, Myra, died of cancer at age 68 in 2011, made multiple visits to Orchids of Asia, arriving by chauffeur, police say.

The parlor sits in a strip mall a 35-minute drive from Palm Beach. It was shuttered on Tuesday.

Police say a group of Chinese women there were ordered to provide sexual services to male clients, charging $59 for a half-hour and $79 for an hour.

Enlarge Image A beachfront view of The Breakers in Palm Beach, where Robert Kraft owns a condo.Elizabeth Rosner

Among the offerings there was a “table shower,” which involves a customer stripping naked and getting hosed down with a handheld shower nozzle.

“It’s a table you lay on and they give you a shower with Dove body wash,” wrote one Yelp reviewer, Patricia V. “In a nutshell, this isn’t a place you would send your mother or daughter.”

Another reviewer wrote that she recommended the spa to a male friend in 2015 and he was offered a “happy ending” after his table shower. She slammed the woman who treated her as “disgusting.”

“I can’t believe I let you touch my face and I laid on your massage table,” she wrote.

In addition to Lander, Kraft also dated an unidentified woman whom he brought to a Celtics game in 2017, the year Lander gave birth to a child. He has denied fathering that child.

Additional reporting by Dana Schuster

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If Jerry Richardson had to sell the damn Panthers for sexual harassment then Robert Kraft better damn well have to sell the PATRIOTS! These weren't women who were doing this because they were hot and making a ton of money. These were girls were human trafficking victims and according to a report were servicing 1500 men a year and had minimal hygiene. He better be gone, period and that has nothing to do with being a Jets fan. If our owner was caught doing this Id think the same thing.

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1 hour ago, Team archer said:

Ive been hearing that their dynasty is going to be over for the past 5 years. Ill believe it when i see it

You and me both. They keep going to Super Bowls. We keep winning 4-5 games per year.

But yeah, the pig is ripe. We created this monster, we're going to kill it.  :swing:

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