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NFL Free Agent Updates


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4 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

Very glad we didn't pay that.


there are teams with a lot of money that are going to throw stupid contracts around, we're better off signing multiple mid range talented players with upside to good deals, than overpaying for marginal talent that is the best of a thin FA group.  This dude is not the best LT in football, thats insane money for a dude coming out of a system that makes him look better than he is.  Did anyone learn anything from nate soldier stealing the giants money last year?

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Not sure if anyone saw this but Paradis is in Gary Vaynerhucks office. Pretty sure Gary Vee is an agent to some players under Vaynersports. So paradis is in NYC with the guy who wants to one day own the jets representing him.... imagining these are good things for us

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