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Texas going to make a sales pitch for Clemens


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Rangers begin pitch for Clemens

12:05 AM CST on Tuesday, January 24, 2006

By RICHARD DURRETT / The Dallas Morning News

Rangers owner Tom Hicks is the club's chief sales representative when it comes to Roger Clemens.

And he's taking the sales pitch to the next level in his attempt to get the 43-year-old future Hall of Famer to buy into leading the Rangers' revamped starting rotation this year.

Hicks said he drafted a letter on behalf of the Rangers to Clemens' agent, Allan Hendricks, describing why Clemens should come to Arlington. Hicks said he planned to send the letter Monday.

Hicks wouldn't discuss specifics, but said the letter included some financial parameters. He said he also provided information about how the Rangers see their team with Clemens and lifestyle issues in regards to Clemens' desire to spend as much time with his family as possible. Hicks said that might include allowing Clemens to travel some on his own, to ease any concerns he might have about time away from his family.


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Rangers begin pitch for Clemens

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"I don't think this is going to be about money," said Hicks, who was at American Airlines Center for a news conference Monday about the 2007 NHL All-Star game to be held in Dallas. "I think Roger wants to be able to see his family. We're not far away and we would love for him to come here."

Hendricks said last week that Clemens wouldn't ponder returning until early February. And Hicks doesn't expect Clemens to make any decisions about where he might play until March. Hicks said the indications are that if Clemens decides to play, he'd like to meet at his home with prospective teams.

"Now all we can do is wait and see if they want to have a meeting," Hicks said. "I hope they do."

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I still give the Astros the inside track, but The Rangers and Yankees would have to be up there also. Probably the Rangers are the 2nd choice. My gut tells me that missing April will not deter Roger from pitching for the Astros in 2006.

I agree with Hicks on 1 thing: It is not about money. Anyone interested in Roger will pony up the required $$$$$$ to get him interested.

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