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They just called me trying to sell me season tix

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58 minutes ago, SAR I said:

I thank those in public service all the time.  We stand up and cheer at the July 4th parade, we donate money to the police department, we attend the fireman's fair.  What the Jets are doing isn't the same thing.  They are taking money from the Army and advertising the Army in the form of artificially generated "honorings" to get to impressionable young minds.  "Hey Lieutenant Dan, yes, we'll honor four of your wounded boys this Sunday, it'll be $50,000 per slot, total of $200,000, you've got the budget, right?"  It's gross.  

Of all the things the Jets have done, this is the one thing you should be hating on, not the color of the walls in the stairwells.


Agree with sar. Was disgusting to find out it was paid.  The nfl refunded much of the money if I recall. 

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