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Antonio Brown NOT traded to Buffalo (Rumor)

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Steelers just sent Brown to the Wall to take The Black 🤣

Like when Parcells dumped Keyshawn on Tampa when Shaun King was the QB. My god, this is a mighty FU to AB

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I know this sounds like BS, but I swear, earlier this evening I thought Buffalo was the team that should go after him. I wonder if their fans are as worried as some here were about a "bad influence" on their QB...

Watch them get Bell too.

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In Sept 2018, a former Steelers coach said he felt most of ABs success was from the QB he played not, not his talent.
He responded "trade me and let's find out"

2019 he is traded to the Bills😂😂😊 

Oh man, you're gonna find out now. What better way to find out if a QB that can hit you with the ball was the reason for your success than go to the Bills 

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9 minutes ago, Darnold Schwarzenegger said:

What the hell are the bills thinking

I know right?

Imagine trying to get your Rookie QB a super star WR? What is he gonna do with weaponz???

But hey, lets all us Jets fans be smug, hell we tendered Robbie today!!!

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5 minutes ago, BigRy56 said:

What is Buffalo doing? Wow...

The Bills were going to be highly competitive in the OL free agent market, so this will cut them out from some of those races 

Ya gotta think so. They O line is not very good. Have to see what they gave up. Can't see them giving up a #1.

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