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Not much movement from combine?


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I don't necessarily follow things too closely, but I feel that in years past there has been a lot more movement after the combine.  Like names moving up to the top 10...

Other than DK Metcalf - who some already rated as the top WR (in a weak class) and it's not clear he moved up much - was there much buzz?  I guess Tyler Murray talked about going at #1 seemed to be a big move - though it's not like it's because of him doing (nothing) at the combine...

Have I missed something?  Is there a lot less movement this year, compared to other years?


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No one really lit it up like in recent years (John Ross, Byron Jones) could be why minimal buzz. Think the fastest 40 was 4.29 a no name DB. No RB really flew. 

Montez Sweat did well for himself, moved up boards 

Devin White LB LSU nice showing 

Justice Hill 4.40 really nice time 

Parris Cambell 4.31 was flying 

DK as you mentioned 



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