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Paradis signs with Carolina

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Remember this morning, that was fun.... 

Bwhahahahaha the Jets spurned like an ugly lay after the liquor wears off. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

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I guess we really are just THAT undesirable for reasons both in and out of our control. It’s a shame. The draft is our only hope to get us back to respectability.

Even if we change the culture and aren’t a joke, that won’t change the things out of our control like few players wanting to live in NJ/NY or the tax issue. Damn shame. 

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Just now, DLJ said:

According to NFL network the jets offered him nothing, we are waiting on Bell to make a decision before moving forward with him. Unbelievable

McCaggnan is trash



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I'm literally watching right now.  That's not what Rap said.

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Ian Rapaport: Paradis chose between the Panthers and a one year offer from the Broncos. They were waiting on a Jets offer but the Jets are busy with Le'Veon Bell.

This is probably what Gary Vee was referring to when he said 'it takes two to tango'.

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Just now, MDL_JET said:

That makes sense with "it takes two to tango" tweet. No idea when they dont have a center. But okay.

Mosley is a fantastic signing......but its incredibly frustrating to see us happy to spend a fortune on the defence and try and cheapskate offence. 

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