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2019 Jets Schedule Challenge - Deadline 3/31


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Anyone else do this yet? It was pretty fun to look back at the schedule the past few years and try and find some tendencies to come up with this.

Also, interesting choices of green colors for home and away....

Here are my picks for what the schedule could look like:


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I'm bumping this thread because I was stupid to post it right in the thick of Free Agency and it went largely unnoticed...I feel like we've kind of run out of things to discuss in this lull before the draft so I'm giving it another shot. Let me know what you think! 

Lots of potential Primetime Games based on revenge storylines, bolded are my favorites to win a national audience:

Jets v. Dolphins - Rivalry game, revenge games for Gase playing the team that fired him and Fitz getting revenge on the Jets. 

Jets v. Bills - Rivalry game, Darnold vs. Allen, commentators can talk about how they lived together/trained together during offseason.

Jets v. New England - Rivalry, Darnold vs Brady. Passing of the torch to young gun? Obviously the usual bad blood between Belli and the Jets. 

Jets v. Browns - Darnold vs. Mayfield - did the Browns make the right choice? Can Sam with another year of experience make CLE pay for passing on him? Revenge game for Greg Williams after not getting chosen for HC. 

Jets v. Baltimore - Mosely vs former team, Darnold vs. Jackson

Jets v. Steelers - Revenge game for Bell, will he prove to the Steelers that he made the right choice sitting out? 

Jets v. Giants - Old Guard vs New...Who will be Kings of NY? Will Darnold make Gettleman look like a fool for passing on him or will Eli fight to maintain glory? Also, Saquon vs Bell. 


Thoughts on the schedule I put together: 

- We always play 2 AFCE teams to close the season and the last 3 years have ended with NE. I switched things up and thought the NFL might make the Jets beat Miami in a potential game to get in the playoffs based on the storylines above. This could easily be switched with BUF though. 

- We've had Week 11 bye's the last few years so I think we get an early bye this year. The NFL could see this as being helpful to Darnold as he is learning a new system...he gets 4 weeks to play and then a bye for the CS to tweak things and put new plays or schemes into action. 

- Week 1 vs Bengals - we typically play non-descript games week 1 as everyone is already excited just because the season started. Plus with the shape of the Bengals I think the NFL throws us a bone with an "easier" game for Darnold to do well in. 

- Week 2 - We typically end up playing OAK earlier in the season for whatever reason. 

- Giants game figured it may be later so that there could be playoff implications on the line for either team. 


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55 minutes ago, JetFreak89 said:

That’s a tough schedule to open the season, let’s hope you’re not right!

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They always look tough to me, we're the Jets! I think the NFL is going to want to see Jets vs. Steelers early with Bell swapping uniforms. I also think that Browns game is one they'll want to show early with all the stars on the field. Probably a prime time game IMO. 

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