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I can't see him being anymor than a DH or a backup Catcher should Posada need a rest. Piazza has never been a great catcher (he has probably one of the worst percentages of throwing out would-be base stealers) and his skills are only declined as we saw last year, so unless the're going to DH him I don't really see the point in getting him.

Speaking of which, is Sierra still signed?

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Right now, the Yankees, IMO, are committed to keeping 12 pitchers, since Myers will be used for 1-2 batters per appearance. So they still need a full compliment of guys in the pen with him. That leaves 5 bench guys, 1 who will be the DH. So............

With Giambi at 1B, having a decent defensive 1B as a backup is important. I see a spot for Phillips here. Piazza showed a couple of years ago that he is a better catcher then a 1B. 'Nuff said.

With Posada not trained to play another position, and the same with Stinnett, we are stuck with those 2 as Catchers only. Add in Cairo as the utility infielder, and Crosby as the utility OF, and there is 1 spot left.

My guts tell me that the Yankees did not sign Bernie to cut him in ST. Ergo, he is the guy who fills in the last position. So, there is no slot for a semi-power hitting catcher, with no defensive skills, and declining offensive skills, and another clog on the base path.

Say no to Mike.

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