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New Jets fan from Australia


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3 hours ago, Klecko73isGod said:

So you're keen to know everything Jets related?

You need to learn the history. 

The Jets were founded in 1804 by a Norwegian immigrant named Sven Nuuurstruud as New York's first Kosher Pizzeria. 

Jets legend Joe Namath is the first free man to ever scale Mount Kilimanjaro. 

The greatest Jets player of all time is Nuu Faaola and don't let anyone tell you any different. 

What else guys?


Welcome aboard - always good to add to the number of International posters on this board


All the above is true except that Jacob Bender is the greatest player ever to wear a Jets jersey

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6 hours ago, Happy Clouds said:

 Coincidentally, I have decided to become a fan of a team in the Australian football league.

. However, I need your help with my selection. I’m looking for a team that meets the following requirements:

-  they should not have won more than one championship in the last 50 years 

-  they should  not play in their own stadium. They instead should share a stadium with a crosstown rival 

-  most importantly, they should have a fan base that isn’t sure whether to love them or hate them

Western Bulldogs it is (red, white and blue)! They won a flag (championship) a few years ago, but were in an excruciatingly long slump. Don’t know about the stadium, but not many teams have a “home” stadium in AFL. There’s a lot of travelling over the course of a home and away season. Fans are as fair weather there as hers. 


So there you go. Doggies supporter.

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22 hours ago, joenamathwouldn'tcry said:

Welcome.  Hope your young, strong, and stubborn.  That's the only way to survive this.

Haha I don’t think supporting the jets will be an issue, the team I supported  in the Australian football league Richmond was a laughing stock basically my entire life. They Have only recently came out the other end and become one of the top sides. Hopefully the jets can experience a similar turnover. 

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23 hours ago, Team archer said:

Are you currently under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

That's a pretty safe assumption. Or masochism.

And welcome, Meatball!

I'll have to check out video on those two clubs and determine which is a poorer outfit - been interested in Aussie football myself - thanks for the club info.


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On 3/14/2019 at 7:15 AM, Humanmeatball said:

Hey guys how’s it going. I have recently taken a interest in nfl in the last year, and have picked the jets as I love the city. Keen to know as much as possible about everything jets related. Thanks!


ps - my apologies if this has been posted in the wrong section. 

I see you made the same mistake as I did. 


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