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Le’Veon Bell: I can be even more dangerous with Jets


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1 hour ago, 32EBoozer said:

If that becomes SOP of a DC, I would run wheel routes and move Bell out wide right before the snap. An LB or S would have to come up in coverage. Creates a lot of HAVOC.

Precisely this!!

Thank you.....

Bell is such a wonderful WR that you can not just stack the box against him, hence the numbers that were provided in the earlier post are very very very misleading.  To just put up non-contextualized stats up as if they are the definitive word really misses the boat IMO.

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2 hours ago, Maxman said:

Sam Darnold. The reason the Jets will see less 8 man fronts than in years past.

The other this is the Jets have 3 #2 receivers....keep them all on the field with Herndon. Spread people out you can run or pass on any down. Crazy concept based on what we have seen from the Jets in years past.

What?!?  You are saying we can throw on 1st down? 

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5 hours ago, Mike135 said:

I think you're underestimating Robby, Q, Herndon and Crowder.  Especially considering Sam is now entering his 2nd year.

I'll be conservative and say the Jets have themselves a top 10 offense this season.

The 2018 WR/TE corps of Robby, Q n Herndon was easily handled by defenses with a rookie QB playing volleyball with snaps from Center.

Add a very good Crowder in the slot, and one of the best multi-dimensional offensive weapons in Bell...  and defenses are screwed.

Not about what I think. Imagine you are the d coordinator facing Jets week 1. What’s your overall game plan?

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