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Kentucky's Josh Allen to visit Jets next week


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31 minutes ago, RVAJet815 said:

If that means we get Bosa, I'll manage. 

Yeah I will too but I just think the guy will be consistently injured. Look at JJ Watt. Complete beast - always injured. Bosa's brother - always injured early in his career. Josh Allen looks a lot more durable. 

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6 hours ago, Jetster said:

I think your right but you only need to look at the guy in charge up there in New England, he believes versatility is superior to anything else on defense. 

With Josh Allens skills, you have LBs consisting of Lee- Williamson- Mosley- Jenkins with Safeties like Adams & Maye, they replaced Skrine with Poole, this defense could be lights out when they jell under Greg Williams. We will find out how bad Kacey Rogers was very quickly in 2019. 

Williams is an aggressive Mo Fo, I see us being crazy aggressive when playing with leads, none of that prevent sh*t. A guy like Josh Allen dropping back into coverage once in a while, while we're blitzing LBs & Safeties is invaluable being able to run with a TE or RB trying to slip out on a short blitz route. Josh closing speed would negate those quick routes instantly with his quick first step afterward falling back could be a fun defense to watch.

Versatility is the key. I've read comments that both Williams and Gase want athletic edge rushers and versatile defenders. Bosa and Williams may be slightly better players, but Allen is more versatile than either of the other 2. 

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