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Drafting Odds

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Some of these stats are fine but you simply cannot over look players in lower rounds being huge contributors if not stars, you hope for maybe a starter or back up or special teams guy but you also get great players as well.


Antonio Brown

Tyreek Hill

Travis Kelce

Geno atkins

George kittle

If you have a really good draft year you improve your team dramatically (see new orleans)

You have to at least be semi competent, you cannot free agent everyone.  You also need to build depth via the draft.

The best players in this league are drafted, are good and then are retained by their teams.  Free agency is usually full of guys ast their prime, guys teams think are no longer good or guys with perceived problems.

It is also important cap wise.  You need some players on those rookie deals.


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10 minutes ago, Darnold Schwarzenegger said:


there were more 2017 regular contributors from UDFAs (133) than from players drafted in the fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds combined (117 total).


That is a lot due to the pool of players.  rounds 5,6,7 maybe 115 players or so? (with comp picks)

UDFA - each team brings in what 10 guys? pool of 300 or more guys or so?  Probably more UDFAs come to teams than guys they draft in a given draft?

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One 7th round draft pick puts you at the head of the list of 300 or more UDFA's.  Picks have value.

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