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Jets Reportedly Targeting Dillard/Jonah Via Trade Down

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1 hour ago, Rsherman28 said:

This draft is a lot different and unique than any other draft in his history. I am not sure we can go off his history of lack of offensive lineman and say that this is going to be the strategy he is going to use  

  1. All your picks change after getting your "franchise quarterback". Lineman and play makers become the next big thing you need to bring in before the rookie contract is up and you pay 30 mil per year.
  2. With the lack of picks in prior drafts, it is only a matter of time before the GM choices a year to draft a couple offensive lineman. This is that year

To support your statements, say hypothetically we had the equivalent of Sammy prior to the Petty/Hackenberg picks. well those 2nd and 4th round picks likely would have been Olineman to protect Sammy or at least one would have been and the other a likely additional weapon like a WR for him to throw to. But, like many teams we had to try in rounds below the first to take fliers on QBs to try and get one since 1st round picks either are too low at times to pick the QBs, or the QBs at the top of the first round are over hyped and possibly not goo, like the scouts feel about this years QB class.

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