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Jets Reportedly Targeting Dillard/Jonah Via Trade Down

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2 hours ago, k-met57 said:

this doesnt make sense on a few levels.

1. Macc does not have a history of drafting OL early

2. Why would the jets be begging to trade down knowing that only drives trade down value down, if they really wanted to trade down you'd think the reports would be how strong the jets think the top 3-5 are


ill buy it when i see it. it wouldnt be a smart move to pass on a bunch of generational pass rushers for an average interior lineman.

Where does it say in that article that the Jets are begging to trade down?

It basically says what we've all known since the end of the year.  The Jets would be interested and willing to trade down.   It actually then goes on to say that because the Jets didn't sign a pass rusher in free agency,  it may be a tougher decision then originally thought for them to trade down and pass on one of the pass rushers.

I would say this article says the exact opposite of the Jets begging to trade down.  To me, it says they might not be as willing as they were before, because they don't want to pass on one of the pass rushers. 

Which then puts them in a better negotiating position. 


Since the combine, there have been non-stop reports about the New York Jets and their desire to trade down from the third spot in the draft. If they do pull off a trade, who would they target? Below is what league insiders are telling me.

It should come as no surprise that the Jets are trying to trade down from the third slot in the draft. We first reported this story from Indianapolis, and ESPN Jets beat writer Rich Cimini wrote last week that the team will be all ears for any team interested in moving up. 


It may be a little more difficult for the Jets to trade down today than it was a month ago. 

They did not come out of free agency with the pass rusher they desperately need, and it may be tough to trade down if a dominant pass rusher is staring them in the face at No. 3.


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4 minutes ago, k-met57 said:

there have been about 15 different outlets that have reported that the jets are VERY VERY VERY interested in trading down....it borders on begging and the opposite of a poker face.

Yes...15 different outlets have reported the same thing we've all known since the regular season ended.  

Macc has said the same thing at the combine and the owners meetings when asked:

1) They're not interested in trading up

2) They would definitely be interested in trading down....if the offer was "worthy"

3) They would be more than happy to stay put.

Exactly what just about every other GM in this situation would say.

You can have 5 or 15 or 25 or 500 outlets reporting on the same set of comments over and over every day until the draft....it's doesn't mean the Jets are "begging" to trade down to the point they are jeopardizing their negotiation potential.

The only thing that is jeopardizing the Jets potential is the lack of worthwhile QBs to trade up for.

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