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Jets Reportedly Targeting Dillard/Jonah Via Trade Down

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20 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

this is him essentially begging for offers


Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan said at the Scouting Combine that the team “would absolutely” consider trading down from the No. 3 overall pick if the right offer came their way.

Maccagnan met the media at the league meetings in Arizona on Monday and he wanted to make sure that anyone who might have missed those comments heard his message. The G.M. wasn’t holding a for sale sign above his head while talking to reporters, but that was essentially the message.

“We’re very open to potentially moving back from three,” Maccagnan said, via the New York Post. “I wouldn’t envision us moving up in the draft. I think you can rule that one out. If we end up staying at three and taking a player, we think there are some very good players at three. But we’d definitely be interested if another team came with an offer that we felt was worthy of moving out of the spot. We would definitely consider that. Not to say we’re committed to doing it, but we’d definitely be very intrigued by that.”

Mac couldn't advertise that he wanted to trade down more if he had planes carry banners over the 31 other practice facilities. 

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