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What is your local NFL team?

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20 year veteran here: Fort Bragg (Panthers), Fort Riley (Chiefs/Rams), Schofield Barracks (Pro Bowl), Camp Blanding, FL (Jaguars), Fort Benning (Falcons), Fort Irwin (49ers/Raiders), South Korea

The Giants

That's one of the more awful mascots I've seen.

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Grew up on Eastern Long Island, moved when I was 25 to Massachusetts. 36 years including 21 in Southern NH. Unbearable since 2001 when the Pats flotilla filled with bandwagon fans & has gotten so large & arrogant that grandmas boo them when their down at halftime.

Im praying that Sam Darnold & the Jets are the team to finally put the sword in the heart of those cheating bastards & send Brady and Belichick to retirement so I can watch those bandwagon jumpers leap off that Pats flotilla like the Rats they are. I seriously hate Mike Martz (GIVE THE BALL TO MARSHALL FAULK), Pete Carrol (GIVE THE BALL TO MARSHON LYNCH), Dan Quinn (RUN THE CLOCK!), the ref in the Saints game & Dee Ford! Oh &  hate the ref who called "THE TUCK RULE". The luck has to run out right? 

Oh, and now I live in Beaufort SC, the Jags are the closest, but no one gives a damn about the NFL here except transplants.


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On 4/9/2019 at 2:54 PM, RutgersJetFan said:

Rams and Chargers. Nobody cares what you wear because for the most part nobody gives a sh*t about the NFL here. Also because nobody cares what you wear period. Half the dudes in this town walk around in tie-dye shirts, Vans, and fanny packs.

LA fans and bandwagon fans are the smartest  sports fans. If it's not entertaining, it's a waste of time and money. The nfl makes billions, not because  of ( or not just because of) loyal fans but because  of flexible  fans who follow winners with their wallets. 

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