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Who will offer us the most?

Patriot Killa

Who will offer the most for our #3 pick?  

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5 minutes ago, slats said:

They’d need to do that quietly, and if so, it wouldn’t hurt the Jets. I’d they did it publicly, teams would be running to trade up in front of them. The Raiders situation is a boon to the Jets trade down options. 

The know Mac sucks, but this is too easy not to exploit. 

I can’t argue with any post that states that Mac sucks

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I’m in favour of trading down but I just can’t seem to find us a dance partner as of yet.

Washington? They just signed Keenum, so there’s their stop gap measure for this year and at #15, they’re gonna have to sell the farm to move to 3. Yes Snyder is stupid but can he be that dumb? ...oh yeah RGIII !

Denver? Flacco....stop gap extraordinaire . will he have a second career in Denver?  That team is more  of a “win now” team than a team who’s rebuilding. If you move up to #3, you’d expect the kid to play sooner rather than later. Chaos 

Miami? Tankathon 2019

Giants?  Gettleman seems to be hanging his hat on Eli plus pigs will be flying over Manhattan before we ever see a trade between us and them.

That leaves only one other team who might entertain the thought of moving up and that’s New England!!!!!!

i hope someone falls in love with one of them QBs but I just don’t see it as of yet.

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4 hours ago, Untouchable said:

No one is going to offer anything serious. You don’t sell the farm for a mediocre QB prospect like Murray or Haskins.

And frankly, the only trade scenario I’d be legitimately interested in would be the Giants offering #6 and #17 to move up. Otherwise, tell these teams to go f*ck themselves and take Bosa/Allen at #3.

you just became my favorite poster

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4 hours ago, Patriot Killa said:

Well if that’s the case than why is one of the top 3 QB’s from an extremely hyped 2018 QB class being shopped for a 2019 QB

Because theyre trying to find a QB to fit the offense of their HC.  

Not because Murray is better than Rosen.

And because that whole situation is stupid

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Not saying a trade with the Giants will or should happen but isn't a trade of the #3 pick for #6 and #17 undervalued (for the Jets)?  Last year the Jets moved to #3 from #6 and gave up the #37, #49 and the 2019 2nd round pick.  Depending on how you value a future pick and if you trust the draft trade chart, the Jets gave up between 3100 (high-end) - 2800 (low-end) points.  If the Giants give up the #6 and #17, it would amount to just 2550 points.  They would need to throw in their second rounder (3080 points total) on the high-end.  The Jets could send them the #68 to make the deal closer to the lower end.  Either way, the Jets should end up with the #6, #17 and #37 if this trade were to happen.  

Regardless, even if it weren't the Giants at #6, that is a high price to pay for a QB that will not start right away.

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4 hours ago, Patriot Killa said:

You really wouldn’t put it past Dan Snyder and the Redskins to do something stupid? Gettleman isn’t just smart if you think about it lmfao. Elway is not the brightest crayon either.

According to Shefter or the like Skins are the “leader in the clubhouse” for Rosen for a 2nd

That would preclude a trade up

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2 hours ago, nico002 said:

Dude taking Dillard in that scenario would be horrendous.


He’s the best pure passblocking LT in the draft and is gaining major traction as a Top 10 pick. Someone earlier compared him to Brick and I would tend to agree. He’s in that Lomas Brown mold where he’s not going to dominate in the run game but he’ll make sure your QB doesn’t get his teeth kicked in.

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Another key point is the rookie QB’s are relatively cheap for four years. Players like Carr will cost you a pretty penny.

Do you want to keep your cap numbers low with an unproven but high potential rookie, or pay through the nose for a proven Top 15 QB? 

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Lol some of you guys are crazy. When we trade back. It will be for a 1 this year and next plus a few other picks.

Taking say a later 1 plus a 2 or 3 this year is pretty much giving away draft capital for nothing. It's not wise at all and Macc would be fired on the spot if he did it.

My money is on a kings ransom from the Redskins on draft day. But if we stay where we are I'm good with it 

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