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At least we're not the Raiders....

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15 hours ago, Raideraholic said:

Run Downs LDE Montez Sweat Ldt run stuffers J Ellis / J Hankins Rdt Pj Hall( Geno Atkins clone) Rde Benson Mayowa  Wlb V Burlict MLB B Marshall SLb M Lee  Ss K Joseph FS Lamarcus Joyner . CB G Conley CB One of their first round picks 

Pass downs LDE M Sweat Ldt Pj Hall Rdt M Hurst Rde Arden Key ( situational pass rusher should had easily 6-7 sacks last year.   Wlb n Morrow  MLB B Marshall FS L Joyner Ss E Harris/ Nick Nelson like to see him moved to safety.   Very reliable tackler, and instincts are off the charts.  CB G Gonley CB - one of their first draft choices Nb - Nevin Lawson/ D Worley/ Nick Nelson.


Everyone loves draft picks even though they usually don't pan out. 

No one loves potential more than you. 

PJ Hall 22 tackles 0 sacks. Basically a Geno Atkins clone???

Arden Key should have easily had 6-7 sacks chose to only get 1. 

Nick Nelson's instincts are off the charts...What? 

G Conley is developing into a shut down corner?

This is just more of the same Chaz Shilenz hopes and dreams from you

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18 hours ago, 14 in Green said:

Ok Kevin, if you’re going to look at other teams through green tinted glasses, that’s what you will see. 😉

You’re missing my point though, which is we root for a team that’s won 14 games in 3 years.. Where do any of us come off laughing at any other organization?

The Raiders have upgraded at WR with Brown and loaded up with 1st round picks for the next two years by trading a player they didn’t think was cost efficient at the stage they’re in. We didn’t want him either because of where we are in the rebuilding process.

Saying they remain a dysfunctional organization is basically just a cheap shot and isn’t based on any factual evidence at all. Since Gruden and now Mayock have taken over they have charted a logical and so far well conceived rebuilding plan. Whether it works out or not, who knows?

As for the Browns, the nicest way I can answer you is to say that your opinion of where they are is shared by very few, if any, other football fans.


You're missing the point though.

At least we're not the Browns with one winning season since 2002...

or the Raiders, who also have one winning season since 2002. 

The nicest way I can say it is that if you bet all your money on these teams every time they "turned it around" you'd have learned your lesson by now.

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