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At least we're not the Raiders....

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43 minutes ago, section314 said:

Heard on Sirius Radio yesterday afternoon that Gruden is running the draft...Mayock will give imput only.🙄

This is exactly what I had supposed when Gruden hired Mayock.  He wants to use him as a resource, nothing more.  That's why he had little use for the "scouts" also.  Fancies himself as a One Man Show. 

He's the expert of all things football.  All others are disposable tools to be used at his whim. He's always been this way.  Nothing has changed from his days in Tampa.  That's why he has a short shelf life.  This is his persona, history, legacy, and will one day be his downfall.  Well deserved.

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9 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

1. Raiders (trade pick 4, 24, and 27 to the Cardinals for #1) KYLER MURRAY, QB, OKLAHOMA

2. Broncos (trade picks 10, 41, and their 2020 #1 to 49ers for #2) DREW LOCK, QB, MISSOURI

3. Jets: Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama

4. Jaguars (trade picks 7, 38, and a 2020 2nd to Cardinals for #4): NICK BOSA, DE, Ohio State

5. Patriots (trade pick 32...

In this trade scenario, which would be great for us, I don't see why the Broncos would have to go all the way to #2 to get Drew Locke.  By the same token, the Jaguars would also be a potential partner for us at the #3, where we would be more than willing, in my opinion, to move down and let them have Bosa. 

I love Quinnen Williams, but if things shake out as you predict, we will be in great shape, and will most definitely be trading down, especially with the values you assigned to the picks.

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