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At least we're not the Raiders....

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28 minutes ago, Raideraholic said:

M Mayock will not let any Tv cameras in the draft room. There are like 10 teams letting Tv in their draft room, and the Raiders aren't one of them.

Have a chuckle now but we will compare how both teams did in this  years draft when it's all over. Let's see whose laughing than.  

The next GM of the Jets - Mel Kiper .  Can't beat them try to follow another teams lead.

I get that Gruden has a plan that must make sense to him.  What I see so far is at pick #4 he can get a guy who *might* be able to replace most of what Mack gave them.  At #24 he can probably get a WR who can replace Cooper.  That leaves pick 27 to get someone that isn't a replacement, which is what pick 4 would have been before those two trades.  Mack trade still leaves them with the 2020 first and third rounders so I'm not knocking the value.  And the guys they draft will be a lot cheaper in terms of cap so that money can be reallocated. 

It's just that I don't think the trades improve them this year.  Of course the draft will look great with three first-rounders, but when you subtract Mack and Cooper, it will be hard to be a net positive.  It will take until 2020 to determine if it was all worth it.  If they draft well this year, they will have traded 4 for 27, a 6th rounder, and next year's 1 and 3 with a lot more cap room but probably a notch down in pure talent at those two positions.  Not a super value, but not horrible.  I just wouldn't go throwing the genius label around yet.  But if they whiff on the pass rusher at 4, then all bets are off.

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