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Wonderlic Scores 2019

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10 hours ago, Peace Frog said:

Smartest dudes on there are the O-lineman. 

They always are. I think one of the reasons Mangold and Fitz got along so well because they were both really smart guys. And liked beards. 

Makes Elgton Jenkins' 19 look a little suspect. I'd want to sit down with him and make sure the kid was above average in intelligence before making him my center. 

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11 hours ago, T0mShane said:

One of the things it tests is how full of sh*t you are, so I could see Pennington struggling with it. 

His Major in college was basically a course in how to con people....he learned enough though, parlayed a high completion % with most passes no more than 5 yards into $50Mill.

You want a TD?  Need 14 plays and EVERYTHING better go right.

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15 hours ago, themeangreenkillingmachine said:

and Ryan Fitzpatrick had one of the highest ever. yet he'll just throw the ball up there with his eyes closed like Brett Favre

But he finds ways to sucker fanbase after fanbase, with sh-t such as growing a man-beard or having a press conference with his chest out, chains and shades looking like Conor McGregor. 

I've never seen a man throw 6 INT's in a game after throwing 3 INT's to end the season the year prior, watch him get in front of the press and immediately throw the front office under the bus after that front office foolishly paid him 12 million and watch fans still support him. 

That was definitely a fitztragic era


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