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Day before draft bold predictions.


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I will start with a few.


1) in the first round we draft greedy Williams. This makes too much sense to me because he fills a major need and I can picture Jamal Adams blowing up everyones phones.


2) Lee and Anderson get packaged in a deal to the eagles for a second round pick and Nelson agolar.


3) with the second round pick aquired from the eagles we draft jachari polite (pardon my spelling)


4) we use our two third round picks on back to back receivers first arciaga-whiteside than Riley ridley.


Some non jets related predictions


1) patriots trade their first round pick for Josh Rosen and it comes back to haunt us. They also use their first draft pick wherever it is to draft deebo Samuel who wins offensive rookie of the year.


2) dk metcalf falls out of the first round and the browns package a deal to move up for him. They seem to really like weapons.


3) the chargers package up a big deal send to the bills and draft drew lock at 9


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I appreciate the boldness of your predictions.  I have to be honest and say I would be beyond enraged if that was the Jets scenario.

We have used unreal resources on CB the last few years, we do not need to use our 1st pick on a CB.

I don;t like the pass rusher you chose for us.

Two more 'hopes' as mid round Wrs

NO OLINE?????????????????????


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Not so bold Jets prediction: With EDGE Nick Bosa and EDGE Josh Allen still on the board at 3, the Jets select DT Ed Oliver. 

1. In the first round, there will be more tight ends drafted than running backs and wide receivers combined.

2. 6 QBs will be drafted in the first 40 picks in this "weak" QB class.

3. There will be 10 first round trades.

4. Oakland will end up with 2 top 10 picks.

5. New England will trade the 32nd pick and not make a selection in the 1st round.

6. The New York Giants do not take a QB at 6, but a defensive lineman.  At 17 they take a wide receiver. 

Not so bold but... In an offensive driven NFL:  Except for the tight end/safeties, there will be more defensive players taken compared to their positional counterparts in the first round.  For example, more defensive lineman than offensive linemen, more linebackers than running backs, more cornerbacks than wide receivers.  

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1 hour ago, Peace Frog said:

Giants and Jets make a massive trade. 

Then the Yankees and Red Sox make a multi-player blockbuster trade.

Then Pelosi agrees to fund the entire wall.

And Palestine and Israel agree to split the Golan Heights.  

Well I was going to suggest a mod move this to the main page until this post. 

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On 4/25/2019 at 11:45 AM, nyjbuddy said:

Perhaps too bold:

1. DK Metcalf is not the first wide receiver taken

2. Devin Bush gets selected before Devin White

3. Drew Lock gets selected before Dwayne Haskins

4. Byron Murphy and Rock Ya-sin get taken before Greedy Williams

Not bad on 1 and 4

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4 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

Not bad on 1 and 4

Yup. For 3 just had the wrong QB.  Should have put that Haskins wouldn't be the 2nd QB taken.  Before the draft, heard that the Giants were in love with a QB not named Haskins and figured they had no shot at Murray.

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