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We don’t need a superstar. We need a team.


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39 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

So you want to force 2nd/3rd round talent into our pick in the first, and your justification for that is, let me guess, the draft is a crapshoot and who knows how they'll turn out?

People keep using the word "force", I don't think it means in this context what you think it means.

We'll do it one more time:

I want to trade down.  i.e. I wish to exchange the #3 pick for a slightly lower first round pick and a number of other picks, including at least one decent 2nd Rounder and one decent 3rd rounder in 2019 and a 2020 pick.  A reasonable haul depending on how it plays out.

With the newfound picks, I want to select the TE Hockenson (1st).  The Center Bradbury (2nd).  And more in the 3rd (I can be flexible here).

Hockenson is a legitimate upper 1st round talent.  Bradbury is a vital need and a legitimate 2nd round talent.  There are not Hackenberg or Shepard type reach picks.

I believe Hockenson + Bradbury + a 3rd Round Pick + A Pick in 2020 > Picking any of the single three Defenders at #3

If you think this is "forcing" something, so be it, we can agree to disagree.  I don't see the problem.


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