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For those making fun of how he talks, you are grade A dipsh*ts.  Biggest day of his life.  

Hi all, been a while. This is why I don’t bother with this sh*t anymore. K thx bai

Maccagnan reportedly thought Edoga was a defensive tackle, but accidentally took OL instead.

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3 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

At this point, you have to eat the loss on Darron Lee and Leo, and just get what you can for them. The WR and OL talent through R2 are too good to just sit and watch others pick from.

What makes you think Macc would trade Leo now. He would look like a bigger idiot than he already does for taking QW. The whole pathetic point of taking QW is to pair him with Leo and have a formidable DL. Problem is they are exactly the same player. Overrated. Big Cat is a kitten and QW is just a phat cat. Warren Sapp he will never be.

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Hopefully he lives up to the long list of great first round defensive lineman for the jets the last dozen years.







The Jets will be running a 6-1 right?  Oh wait...

What a waste.




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4 minutes ago, Pac said:

Another first round stud for Macc.

I'll remember to necro this thread in Sept when Greg Williams has these guys feasting on offenses.

Will also necro if we’re ranked 23 in Defense?

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6 minutes ago, chirorob said:

We have 3 different 3-4 defensive ends.

Leo going to play OLB like Sheldon?  Or did you just draft a 3-4 NT #3 over all?

this guy can rush the passer over center.  Shortest route.  Centers and guards will not keep him out.

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1 minute ago, Integrity28 said:

I actually feel better now. I think Mac is gutless, and terrible at his job, but I at least have confidence that Q won't bust. 

The only thing making this tolerable is the fact Dave Gettleman just took a ******* Duke QB 6th overall

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4 minutes ago, DLJ said:

As if the Giants would ever sully their brand my drafting a black— even though the black threw 50 TDS

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They just interviewed Daniel Jones and I’m guaranteeing you people that he’s a virgin. Dude won’t start 16 games in New York before he’s run out

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