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Top picks left.   1. Winovich

                       2. Ferguson 

                       3. Deiter

                       4. Harmon

                       5. DK

                       6.  Tevon Coney

                       7. Lamont Galliard

                       8. Ben Burr Kirven

                       9.  Greg Gaines

                    10.  Shareef Miller

                    11. Keelon Doss

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1 minute ago, GREENBEAN said:

That’s what I’m saying. The value idea makes zero sense. Ask bill polian. He said it literally doesn’t exist. It’s a fantasy. I agree for the most part.
Taking Pireschbacher or McGovern with our first third. Watching them get picked with the next 25 picks between our two 3rds is not smart. Value it not.

Now, if Hakeem
Butler is there id consider it but Riley Ridley May make to to our second third and would be a great addition. Take the Center if he is there let the value thing go.

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Yeah, but value has to be the decider when you have multiple needs.  I wouldn't pick, say, a highly ranked interior DL here. But we have major needs at each of Center, Edge, CB and WR.  Take the highest ranked guys on your board at 2 of those spots.  If that's a Center, great. But, personally, I think there are better guys at other spots who also fit major needs for us.

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 Campbell gone! Thought he woulda been great for the Jets. Really hope that DK falls to us 

That would be such a mistake. Juicer who will bust and be out of the league before his 5th year option

Edit: I’m

Stupid and there is no 5th yr option Lol


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