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For those making fun of how he talks, you are grade A dipsh*ts.  Biggest day of his life.  

Hi all, been a while. This is why I don’t bother with this sh*t anymore. K thx bai

Maccagnan reportedly thought Edoga was a defensive tackle, but accidentally took OL instead.

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1 minute ago, Mac is a Tool said:

Allegedly he was caught juicing per BR but i didn't even check to see if that was true

Didn't read anything about that but teams are afraid of neck injuries since careers were over for players like Sterling Sharpe and the Virginia Tech RB drafted by the Giants. 

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1 minute ago, Paradis said:

If all goes according to plan--

  • Connor McGovern, C/OG 
  • Jalen Hurd, wr

Both were in for visits. both fill a need.


ALL will be forgiven.

No it won't. McGovern isn't plug and play. They still will have a hole at Center. Plus he probably doesn't get passed Arizona

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