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For those making fun of how he talks, you are grade A dipsh*ts.  Biggest day of his life.  

Hi all, been a while. This is why I don’t bother with this sh*t anymore. K thx bai

Maccagnan reportedly thought Edoga was a defensive tackle, but accidentally took OL instead.

Posted Images


When you watch the tape, the kid plays hard all the time and he can rush the passer. It's more than just the bad combine that caused his fall, he didn't get a good recommendation from the staff in Florida

His own coaches mother****ed him lol

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4 minutes ago, Jets723 said:

Free agency doesnt count I guess lol

The Slot receiver had to be brought in to compensate for Macs draft failures with Smith, Stewart, and Hansen.

The OG had to be traded for to compensate for Macs total failure to address O line in a legit manner.


The MLB had to be given a kings ransom to compensate for Macs failure when he drafted MLB Darron Lee in the first round 3 years ago. 


Those were holes in the roster that shouldn't have been holes....


But aside from that, solid point!

Hold on, let me get that for you....


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Just now, nycdan said:

I don't know these OL well but Connor McGovern looks like a nice get if he's still available.  Solid G/C prospect.  

I think the last time the jets drafted OL in rounds 1, 2 or 3 was winters, and before that, ducasse.

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39 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

Who the **** would write something like this that wasn't directly related to Polite?

Someone who watched him play at UF combined with his high light video. His on field production is impressive which more than makes up for a poor combine performance. This is a 3rd round pick and not a 1st or 2nd round reach. *IF* Q. dub and Leo can provide inside pressure then this guy could come up big with his *edge* rushing speed.

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2 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

These insolent kids, ruining your TV watching experience by putting shirts on and whatnot 

Nothing about kids you sicko......Let me guess you are dressed in a Jets like halloween costume watching the NFL draft. 

Image result for new york jets green hair

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1 minute ago, Augustiniak said:

I think the last time the jets drafted OL in rounds 1, 2 or 3 was winters, and before that, ducasse.

Sad but true.  But time to start changing that.  Nothing more vital at this point than better depth on the OL with the possibility of upgrading a starter.  Cajuste maybe but I think I prefer the kid who can possibly become a starting C.

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