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For those making fun of how he talks, you are grade A dipsh*ts.  Biggest day of his life.  

Hi all, been a while. This is why I don’t bother with this sh*t anymore. K thx bai

Maccagnan reportedly thought Edoga was a defensive tackle, but accidentally took OL instead.

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25 minutes ago, UnitedWhofans said:

Yes people dont like me because I choose to take it easy and not take it seriously. Instead people choose to be miserable. Dont get it

No, people don't like you because you go around telling people how to feel about things, like you're some ******* arbiter of human emotion -- not to mention that all the arguments you use to back up your "hot takes" are always unequivocally wrong and stupid. It's ironic because you're clearly not human, but some bot programmed by a cruel a$$hole meant to troll and torment us all. Probably Ernie Adams.

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2 minutes ago, GREENBEAN said:

It’s one of his more memorable plays. It shows a couple of things. 1. That he doesn’t quit on a play. Even when he makes a mistake
2. The 5 second 40 is the anomaly. The guy has real speed.

I think the reason they are choosing that clip is to counter the stuff being said

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Of course, he came in sooo fast that he ended up getting ahead of the play and then ended up catching the back. It was an initial misread. He’s fast and a strong motor. That’s a good thing. 

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51 minutes ago, JiF said:

He was fantastic for the Gators.  Just don’t think he’s freakish enough to play edge in the NFL.  It’s like Maudlin all over again.  And it’s another pick used on D with some solid offensive prospects on the board. 



I don’t have the impression that Maudlin was as good a college player. 

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I thought this board spoke mostly English.  NO SPOILERS!!!!!   Is that hard to do?  Not hit enter after typing a spoiler that people have repeatedly asked for...NO SPOILERS?

It’s round 3 who gives a sh*t.

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Pre-Draft Analysis

Edoga is a shorter-than-average tackle with solid bulk and good arm length. He gets set quickly and has a powerful punch. He's an easy mover with the ability to handle speed off the edge and adjust to double moves. As a run-blocker, he has the power to jolt defenders, but he becomes an erratic finisher and his legs die on contact too often. He lacks discipline and he's been highly penalized.

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