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Round 4: 3 top targets

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3 hours ago, PepPep said:

The Jets have the 3rd pick in the 4th round and there are 3 guys still on the board that they can't go wrong with, both from a need and value perspective. 

1. K. Harmon- WR

2. Hakeem Butler- WR

3. Julian Love- CB

These are names that have been tossed around as prospects for the Jets and most Jet fans would have never expected any of them to be there sitting in Rd. 4.  The Jets need to grab one of these guys and one of them will definitely be there if they do not trade down.   

Are there any other prospects on your radar? 

*Sidenote: Although probably unpopular amongst Jet fans, I would not mind trading the 4th round pick for a legit veteran starting C.  

Jazz Ferguson >>>>> Butler & Harmon.

We need a split end. He is our guy and a better athlete than those two.


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best WRs available 

  • Keelan Doss
  • Jazz Ferguson
  • Anthony Johnson
  • Hakeem Butler
  • Kelvin Harmon


  • Dexter Williams
  • Wes Hills
  • Rodney Anderson
  • Benny Snell
  • Jordan Scarlett
  • James Williams


  • Keenan Brown
  • Donald Parham

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12 minutes ago, PepPep said:

I like Ferguson a lot. Very similar to Butler. Not quite the same type of player that Harmon is. Not sure if he is "better" than either of them. But I would not be upset of they took him. However, if you are talking about a split end that's pretty much Enunwa does best. So I'm not sure that we need a split end. We actually 'need' a guy that can play across from Anderson, with Enunwa as a split end, Herndon as a TE, Crowder in the slot and Bell in the flat. 

I respectfully disagree about Enunwa... you couldn't draw up a better profile for a Z (flanker).... It's where he should be. Anderson right now is our deep threat specialist, but a poor full time oustide WR IMO

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14 minutes ago, nycdan said:

Can Burnett play that spot and does he have the potential to be a starter at it?

I think Burnett will play his way into a full time role personally. I like him better than crowder at slot

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44 minutes ago, playtowinthegame said:


The guy I wanted, Bryce Love, was already drafted in Rd 4 with the 112th overall pick. The only guy on your list of running backs to have been drafted thus far was Benny Snell by the Steelers in Rd 4 with the 122nd pick. I'm assuming you wanted the Jets to take one of those running backs with their 105th pick in the 4th round before they traded that pick to the Saints. 

no, this was a list of day 3 guys. I would love Anderson/Williams in the 5th. Wes Hills anywhere after. 

Keelan Doss and Jazz are still out there... inexplicably so... they will outperform many of the skill position players getting picked right now. 

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