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Round 4: 3 top targets

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53 minutes ago, PepPep said:

I really disagree with this narrative. Might be a huge need down the road but not this year. Assuming they carry 6 CBs into the season:

Tru, Roberts, Poole (all locked down financially- two were just signed)...Nickerson- young backup slot CB they took last year, looked good whenever he got the chance to play. Jones- super talented developmental outside CB, looked good when he go the chance to play. Robinson- another young and super talented outside CB who played well when given the opportunity last year (was able to stay healthy too- which was an issue for him). I think the Jets like where they are at with their CBs. It would be one thing if they saw a greedy Williams or Murphy slip into the 3rd round and just could not pass up on the value. But at this point, I don't see them going after a CB, nor should they. 

As most have said, OG/C or TE is possible but the value is really at the WR position, so I think they will go that route. 

Remember when we Carrie dlike 5 rbs into the season good times

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1 hour ago, PepPep said:

Remember when we carried 4 QBs: Fitz ,Geno, Petty and Hack? 

OMG how did I forget that God awful squad. Damn I know bowles sucked as a coach, but I didn't really realize how bad of a GM he was either. I mean how do you allowed that to happen on a professional team. All the bad roster drafts picks is one thing but all the money on non impact positions and then add on top this rumor of can't make a decision, yeah well shoot there is a lot proof of that 

I am rooting for Gase really nailing Macc and getting him out of here.

To be fair this draft is far better than any other draft he has had. Maybe he is getting better, but I think probably not. He probably use getting lucky. Can't really complain about these picks so far even if you don't like the risk on polite. Upside is there and fair to take the chance.

I'm very curious if we take the butler guy. I kind of think Jordan isn't a day 1 starter where butler is, so take the starter. We can add FA camp cuts to fill out the line with equal quality play and next year draft OL for more long term solution. Plus that FA camp cut center lineman will play better for us for a year than the rookie.

AND and this is a big AND

Maybe we get lucky and someone alot better gets cut. We still got money to sweeten the pot and get a guy.


Let's go Jets!!

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6 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

Great trade. Couldn’t get anywhere near an Osemele type player after Round 2 in this Draft. 

💯 you are correct! Even if he suck relative to what he has done in the past.

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