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Jachai Polite vs Chase Winovich

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1 minute ago, Scoop24 said:

Alshon Jeffrey says your take is wrong 

These are kids.  They aren't robots that can be counted on to do the same thing every time.  A kid that seems like he is lazy may have a change of heart and give his all.  Another that seems like a high character guy turns dog after he gets his contract.  That is why interviews are so important. 

Alshon Jeffery had two big years, but his rookie year was pretty bad and he was considered  to be headed toward bust before he dedicated himself in the offseason.  His career hasn't been all sunshine and roses either.

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On 4/28/2019 at 10:46 AM, rammagen said:

I dont think his bust potential is as high as people think. he is motivated and added the weight on purpose according to the interview, then hurt his hamstring. I think he will be the better pro based on his college production against a great competition

He is more motivated now than before the draft?  Adding weight caused him to be a slug and to injure his hamstring?  Maybe, but what is his excuse for being the unanimous worst interview at the combine.

19 hours ago, T0mShane said:

Winovich is like Jordan Jenkins if Jordan Jenkins was athletic 

Jenkins lack of athleticism is overstated.  I used to think so too, but he was like top 15 LB in 2016. He is big and heavy, but very long (reach/wingspan).  He ran a bad 40 and 3 cone.  His shuttle was eh, but he was good in the jumps and his 10' split was pretty good. 


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2 hours ago, rammagen said:

did you listen to his interview? did you hear him talk? I ask because you seem to be discounting his stats at UF. His production is there, it shows in the game film if he did not bomb at the combine he would not have been there and would have been a top 20 pick.

This is before the combine


and he had dropped weight to get quickness before the yr started for him.  And even if he was the worst interview in combine history that has little to do with his on field play.  It showed in college it is up to him to make the transition to the NFL and make it show there. Boom or bust pick but because he came from a high level program and produced for 2 yrs I dont think his bust potential is as high as people think.

I am no expert on the prospect.  I acknowledge that he might hit, but the idea that his bust potential isn't that high? C'mon.  I heard an interview with him.  It wasn't horrific, but I am talking about his team interviews.  Teams were telling the press he was awful.  The interviews relate to mental prepartion, coachability and the ability to be a good teammate. It was what Mangini was supposed to be good at.

 I read the draft reports on him.  He was considered an undersized speed/finesse rusher.  If he isn't fast, he isn't going to be particularly good.  It seems pretty likely that he isn't going to be an every down 3-4 OLB since he can't run at the heavier weight.  He didn't produce for 2 years.  He was as much a 1-year wonder as there is.  Why do you think he produced for 2 years?  He was as good in 2016 as 2017. 

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