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Am I wrong for liking this draft?

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2 hours ago, Copernicus said:

 Honestly, I'm a bit shellshocked at reading all the negativity on this board. Especially about the draft and how it relates to Gase and Macc's relationship.  I don't know what to believe when it comes to Gase and Macc  being at war with each other. Suggesting that Macc threw the draft purposely seems insane. . I'm not sure if we are dysfunctional, or have our team pointed in the right direction. I am at a total loss. 

I was feeling pretty good about our draft before reading all the negative threads

The answer to your question is that yes, "WE" are dysfunctional, but the Jets are not.  The suggestion that Macc "threw" the draft is as insane as the "conspiracy theorists" who propagate the notion.  If you put too much stock into what is said here, you too will soon be chasing shadows, like a lot of the posters here on JetNation.

If it's true that misery loves company, we do indeed have a very crowded room.  The team is most definitely pointed in the right direction.  Feel free to feel good about the draft.  A lot of good was accomplished.   Looking forward to the season.

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2 hours ago, Untouchable said:

The only pick I didn’t like was the porcelain made DB from Rutgers.

Quinnen was neck and neck with Bosa as the best player in the draft, Polite has the ability to be a 10 sack a year edgerusher if he gets his sh*t together, Edoga could possibly be our starting LT or RT by 2020 (may even challenge Shell day 1), Wesco was the best blocking TE/FB in the draft and started to come on as a receiver last year, and Cashman could be a ST ace and contribute in nickel/dime packages.

Stop making sense.  It doesn't go over well.  Makes the mob nervous.  Great post.

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15 hours ago, Darnold Schwarzenegger said:

I actually really like the Cardinals draft. They got what they believe to be there QB of the future in Murray. Then they gave him 3 stud recievers in Andy Isabella, Hakeem Butler, and keesean Johnson. I would have been ecstatic if the jets drafted one of these guys.


They also added a good CB in Byron Murphy in the second, Center Lamont Gaillard And a developmental Tackle in Joshua miles.  

I know that the Cardinals draft is the "flavor of the month", but let's take it into perspective.  The Cardinals had 11 picks, we had six. That gives them a lot more flexibility than we had.

I don't buy into the perception that Kyler Murray is going to be a superstar in the NFL. They gave away Josh Rosen for that second round pick.  They could have done better, if they had marketed him sooner, and in the proper way. 

Byron Murphy is a nice player.  He wasn't going to be available to us.  Andy Isabella is going to be a good slot receiver.  We already have one, maybe two.  He wasn't a need for us. He wasn't available to us either.  Jachai Polite is a better player than Zack Allen.  We took him three picks later.

Hakeem Butler is a tall receiver, who flashes potential.  He also has hands of stone. He is no sure thing. We had more pressing needs in the 4th round, in my opinion.  Everyone was yelling about the Offensive Line.  They were right.  We took Edoga.  He will be a solid fixture on the Offensive Line for years to come. Our next pick in the 4th was the tight end Wesco.  Also a strong addition to the offensive line.  He can catch too.  Fits Adam Gase offensive philosophy to a "T".

The Cardinals 5th rounder was a safety.  No need to discuss that. Ours was a well regarded linebacker.  Maybe overkill, but he is a football player.  We need more of those.

The Cardinals two sixth rounders Gaillard and KeeSean Johnson, were taken before we picked. Johnson will be a rotational receiver, not a star. Nice player, I would rather have Anthony Johnson of Buffalo, who wasn't even drafted.  Gaillard is a good  prospect. Our draft pick in the sixth round was a reach.  That's being kind.   I think he would have been available as an UDFA.  Headscratcher.

We didn't have a seventh round draft choice.  It was traded to Minnesota to move up one spot  for Edoga.  Don't know why.  The Jets do.  I'm sure they had a reason.  The Cardinals took an Offensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle, and a Tight End.  Any Offensive Tackle taken in the seventh round is a project, or reach.  We drafted a Tight End who is miles better than a 7th rounder, and we don't need to discuss DT do we?

The way I see it, The Cardinals overdrafted Kyler Murray, who came at the expense of the #1 overall pick,  last years #1 pick, [#10 overall] plus the draft capital they had to sacrifice to move up to get Rosen in the first place.  A #3 and #5 to the Raiders. That's a lot to give up for Murray.  Hope for their sake they're right.  They drafted a ton of receivers, and did little to nothing to upgrade their woeful Offensive Line. If a sixth and seventh round draft pick was all we dedicated to upgrading our line the board would go ballistic.  Oh, that's right, they already are.  Murray will be running for his life, much as Rosen did last year.  Good thing he's a lot faster, and more mobile.

I understand your desire for another Wide Receiver.  I don't have your same opinion that it's a pressing need.  We'll see.

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