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Am I wrong for liking this draft?

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14 minutes ago, Warfish said:

Does it bother you at all that Wesco is yet another replacement of yet another failed Macc draft pick in Leggett?  It worries me how many of our recent picks are intended to play positions Macc has already drafted in his short tenure here.

And winning does begin in the trenches, O-Line and D-Line.  Dominate those (with appropriate pieces elsewhere) and you got a chance to compete.  Our D-Line was (and certainly now is) fine talent-wise.  Our O-Line in at best questionable, even with these picks.

While I like Q, Polite and Westco individually, you bring up an excellent point and some of these players fixing previous Mac errors.

Ive defended Mac a lot, mainly because he inherited a team that was beyond devoid of talent (Idizik 12 player draft failure)  but we have to look at Mac's mistakes too.  We are looking for a center, not because someone got hurt, but because we chose to sign Long in FA and he turned out to be a bust.  Thankfully we could get out of the contract, but we are in this problem because of a Mac mistake.

Our logjam at DLine is also directly a result of Mac's inability to manage the roster.  We took Nathan Shepard who can't play NT, even though the team had Leo, Henry Anderson as 3-4 DEs.  Now we have those same guys and Q, and have to figure out if shepherd is going to be worth a roster spot (hopefully hes a good player who bowles didnt play but who knows).

To me Mac seems like an indecisive guy.  The second trade down made no sense from a strategic point of view and then apparently he said in his press conference that guys he liked were picked right in front of him?  Well then get aggressive, trade your useless 7th rounder and move up 2 spots if necessary.  He just lets things come to him rather then aggressively going after guys.


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