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Am I wrong for liking this draft?

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3 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

It’ll probably be seen as the best pick from this draft in a few years, honestly, similar to Jordan Jenkins. People will come to see that Quinnen isn’t actually Reggie White (probably), and that he’s just a really good DT, so the shine will be off that pick. No way Polite develops with that attitude. Edoga will start eventually. But Wesco will be the one visible pick who looks like he’s actively helping Darnold, so it’ll be received favorably 

QW and Wesco will be the two that can help immediately, besides Polite on 3rd down pass opportunities and Cashman on ST i guess.

I hated the Quinnen pick at first but i'm coming around to it, don't think Reggie White will happen but Kevin Williams from the Vikings type of career trajectory would be cool. The Polite pick Imo, is the best one Macc made. Seems like the kid has very little guidance in this process from a football standpoint besides his agent, so get him around a group of guys who know how to be pro's and he'll be fine. Polite's play on the field, matched with even a decent combine and he's a mid-1st round prospect. He should get plenty of opportunities at 1v1's with the Williams in the middle and even Jenkins may take another step.

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