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Am I wrong for liking this draft?

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1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

If you're a person who wants to believe that the Jets are a relatively competent football organization with the potential, as constituted, to build toward a title within three years, you can go look up some draft grade hot takes from "analysts" who don't pay attention to the Jets for 362 days of the year and convince yourself that the Jets did pretty well.


If you're a person who's looking at recent performance of the general manager, the present constitution of the roster, and projecting what the roster looks like two years from now, then you hate this draft. 

If you are a person who had heart surgery and have not watched the last three years, after being a rabid jets fan since 1965, and just got back into it after knowing the morons finally drafted a QB in the first round, and were all excited to be back, then watching this draft has reminded me how nice doing other things on Sundays have been. 

Yes, the dreaded words. Same old Jets.


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