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Am I wrong for liking this draft?

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Q and Polite are good picks. The other guys I have zero faith that any of them will turn into a starter. The Rutgers db might be the worst pick since Wackenberg. No reason we couldn't have gotten that turd as an udfa. Get a C for Sam's sake. Putz!!!! 🤬

Agree ably the DB. Seems ridiculous to even take s flyer on him.

I will say the the TE was talked about quite a bit prior to the draft though. I heard Kirwan, Polian and PFF among others specifically call him one of the best sleepers the whole draft. I listened to one conversation which was actually comparing him to Hockinson. There were thoughts that Wesco may even have the better career when it’s all said and done. Realistic? Maybe not but he’s a very good pick who could be our Todd Heap in a year or two. Except Wesco is a devastating Blocker as well.

That’s my favorite pick of our stupid draft. lol

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