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Cimini: Lee a scheme fit on Jags due to Smith’s absence

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8 hours ago, RobR said:

Here is your hindsight, posted over three years ago by yours truly.

Since the conversation on his selection during the Runway Crash turned into a cluster**** I'm wondering what the regulars here think honestly about his selection. Most have been very quiet and since I value everyone's opinion here, let loose.
I had him as one of my two players not to draft over a month before the draft, so I wanted to like him after the pick. I've watched every game since then and still hate this pick to the core....moreso than any other first rounder over the last twenty years. 
He's a safety/Lb hybrid that has no instincts. Plays mostly in a zone coverage scheme and is terrible at it because of his hesitance dropping back and reading the play. In the run game he gets enveloped by lineman and has no chance. Poor tackler who loves to swipe players ankles. He was drafted strictly for his measurables and that rarely works out.
I wish people would stop comparing him to Deon Buccanon because they are nothing alike. DB was a ballhawking safety with great instincts and the ability too give up his body for the tackle with nice size for a safety. 

What is Darron Lee?


What part of “not you” did you miss?

Did I stutter?

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