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How mad were you all when Washignton poached the players in 2003?

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10 hours ago, Bronxville Jets Fan said:

Funny, I was thinking about this recently.  I was extremely upset at the time, and it was made worse by Dan Snyder gloating about it after we lost the third player due to some contract error (I think it was Morton).  The Jets offense was money that year and it was just heartbreaking to see some perennially inept franchises just come in and gut us like that.  It killed me at the time and I’ve hated the Redskins and Dan Snyder ever since.

I’m surprised by the posters who are saying Morton wasn’t a big loss.  He was one of my favorite players that year - came out of nowhere and was the best returner in the game that year.  Also got involved with the offense in a gimmicky way.  Really fun to watch.

He returned TWO kickoffs for TD's against the Bills.

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13 hours ago, David Harris said:

The Jetskins- we got roasted

the most Bradway move ever was trading Santana Moss a first round pick for Laveranues Coles the guy we let walk in the first place.

we also lost that really good guard- maybe the last time we used a second round pick on an OL

Trading Moss for Coles was fine IMO.  Moss was probably going to be difficult to sign.  He was an ascending player and entering the final year of his contract.  Both of them were requesting trades.  Coles was locked up for 5 and agreed to redo his deal.

13 hours ago, Philc1 said:

Moss didn’t put it together until after the 2003 season was already over


Mo Lewis and Marvin Jones both simultaneously hit the wall which killed our defense

Mo and Marvin didn't suddenly lose it.  They were just bigger older bangers in a system that generally valued speed.  Should have been planning to replace them from when Herm got there, but he was too busy gutting the secondary. 

13 hours ago, Philc1 said:

Randy Thomas?  Yeah and then we lost Mackenzie a year later to the friggin Giants of all teams

There is no way we were going to be giving Kareem Mackenzie a deal anywhere near what the Giants did.  For an RT?  Like when Snacks left most of us were making fun of the Giants overpayment

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reading this thread brings up a question... how often do the Jets lose a talented player nowadays? Hardly ever. which means a lack of home grown talent.

Most of these player came from under Parcells. the guy had an eye for talent. the last time the Jets lost a good player to FA or had to trade because they had too many good players to pay was Revis. [the first time😜]

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On 5/9/2019 at 7:55 PM, Spoot-Face said:

I remember my older brother telling me about this back then, and I was pissed, even though I didn't know what it meant.


Nowadays, though, I know that if you end up losing a bunch of your free agents it's because either a) they weren't worth signing again, b) they didn't want to stay, or c) you planned your cap management poorly and it's your own damn fault.

So, I see no reason to blame the Redskins for that.

Nope. We wanted every single one fo them.  Hall too. It sucked. We eventually traded Moss for Coles so I'd say we liked him. :) 

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