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Leveon bell represents everything the jets have done wrong in tje past

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9 hours ago, MCGAHEE2121 said:

Its obvious the nfl has moved to rb by committee for obvious reason. Short career. The position has the highest injury risk. And the position is overly dependent on oline competency and quality qb play to take the 8th man out of the box. What do the jets do??? The pay 60 million to a rb ( where most plateau at 27-28 and ) , and not only that. They pick the biggest asshat and selfish cancer they can find in bell. 


You would think after getting millions after sitting out you'd want to be a leader ,meet your teammates and just do the normal damn thing... Nope he gives the finger to the jets and our joke of a gm...


We could have signed a couple more stud olineman but nope. Just like passing on marino and sapp we find a way to avoid common sense. Mark my words the obj trade and bell singing will be a disaster.


We just dont " get it" 

Why don’t you post on a Bills site instead of acting like an ass whole here.

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