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Leveon bell represents everything the jets have done wrong in tje past

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57 minutes ago, MCGAHEE2121 said:

Lol you use that money for two pro bowl olineman plys the trade for osomele and you roll with McGuire, a rookie, ty and jail moore...


Bell is not a breakaway threat, hes not marshall faulk and style depends heavily on great oline play.


Its incompetence and a panic move like most by our gm

First things first, "McGahee".  "2121'" represents Willis McGahee's birthdate, October 21st, and his number with the Buffalo Bills was #21.  Guess that clears up the genesis of you "moniker".  Bills Fan.....

Now that we've established what you are, please refrain from using "we", when attempting to represent the point of view of a Jets Fan.  You are  a Troll.  Nothing more.  

To be an effective troll, at least try to make a believable argument.  Yours have been weak, and have been decimated by the posters here. 

The Steelers spent the better part of two seasons trying to extend LeVeon Bell.  When it became apparent that he wasn't signing with them long term, the conversation changed to save face.

He is still a running back in his prime.  You don't know what you're talking about.  He is also unique in his running style.  He picks holes created in the flow of the play.  He does not depend on holes created by the offensive linemen.  Again, you don't know what you're talking about.  He is also the best receiving running back in the league.  He is a completely different back than Ezekiel Elliott or Todd Gurley.  When you said that he wasn't a top 3 back in the league, you didn't mention who was.  I assumed you meant Elliott or Gurley as amongst them.  Again you don't know what you are talking about.

As for the "Stud Offensive Linemen" on the market, lets look at them.  Paradis, contrary to your insistence, is a country boy who didn't want to come here.  That's a fact.  Secondly he was/is a major injury concern, even now, so the Jets were not crazy about him. His former team, the Broncos, only offered him a one year deal.  Morse was given the highest contract paid to a center in football.  The Jets did not think he was worth that.  Saffold was considered, but signed a massive deal that is risky given his age.  Trent Brown also signed a ridiculous deal, paying him well above his performance level and history.  He was paid off of a great post season.  Osmele who the Jets acquired for a 5th round pick, is a better option than all of these players.

Perhaps you'd know these things if you were a  Jet's fan, or just not a troll.  Regardless, one thing is clear.  You don't know what you're talking about.  By the way, the Steelers are a mess, from the top down, maybe not a good example.

I'll be thinking about you when the Jets kick the Bills' asses twice this year.  Until then, enjoy.....

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9 minutes ago, MCGAHEE2121 said:

I wouldn't have signed bell


Id sign morse and brown and trade for osmele... There are other lineman on that list better than what we have, especially inside. From g-g

Let's get this straight.  Your "proposition" would be to build this all star Offensive Line featuring Morse, Trent Brown, and Osmele.  Then behind this awesome line, your  "master stroke", would be to trot out a backfield featuring Eli McGuire, DeAngelo Henderson, and Jalin Moore.  Brilliant.  And you have the audacity to call the Jets front office stupid?  Have another drink....

Please list former  Patriot Offensive Linemen who have excelled elsewhere.  I can't really think of any, can you??

James Connor [not Connors] had a fine season last year.  He also got hurt.  We'll see how he does going forward.  He's no LeVeon Bell, that much is for sure.

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24 minutes ago, MCGAHEE2121 said:

When danny woodhead and rex burkhead run through giant holes.... Yes 

Yes we are stupid


Again its a logical fallacy with pats olineman underperforming... Learn to read tje whole thread genius

I read the "whole thread", genius.  Please learn how to spell three letter words before you disparage the intelligence of others..  So, now the conversation shifts it's focus to Danny Woodhead and Rex Burkhead running through giant holes?   OK, I'll play.... 

Tell me "Einstein", what is the Patriocheats offense predicated on?  That's right.  Short quick passes to slot receivers, and tight ends.  The "giant holes" that these running backs go through, are the result of the off balanced defense created by the quick passes featured in the Brady/Bellicheat Offense.  In other words they are a by product of the passing game.  They are not the result of a superior, dominating offensive line.

Good job, you made the argument.  For the position that the Patriocheats Offensive Linemen don't have to be very good.  Congratulations.

A little advice.  Stop throwing around terms like "epistemology", when you can't spell people's names, or spell words like "the", or is it "tje"?  It makes you look even more stupid.  Now go have another drink, and perhaps work on your grammar, spelling and football knowledge.  And stop using the phrase "we" if you choose to discuss the Jets or their fans.

You are not one of us.  That is the only point that you've proven here tonight.  I'm done.  Happy trolling, jerkoff.....


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4 minutes ago, roscoeword said:

I don't get this point. I think patient guys who wait for the hole like him, need a good OL to open up that hole. It seems like a guy who runs with his style, with a bad OL, will take a lot of runs for losses. Better off a guy who hits the hole quickly, even if there is none, cause maybe for a second a hole will open up and he'll burst rhrough.... I don't know, I guess we'll see what happens.

The point is Roscoe, Bell finds his holes within the flow of the play, not some predetermined space that is necessarily created through a blocking scheme. 

His patience, his talent, allows him to wait and choose where and when to go.  It is just as likely that he will make a gain on a failed block, by running behind it, as he would on a successful block creating a hole.

Don't get me wrong, he does hit the hole if it is there.  What makes him different is that when it's not there, he has the vision, patience and ability to pick his way through, without running into the defense.

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