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5 minutes ago, Lith said:


Love the move, odd timing. 

I wonder if Schefter is referring to bringing in Bell, Cj Mosley, Crowder. 

Also, I am hoping we make a preseason or training camp move to revamp some of the line or bring in another corner, I feel like this further sets that back, unless we get bring in a GM making willing to make bold moves right away. 

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1 minute ago, GuitarJet said:

I feel like I’m watching a Game of Thrones episode. Hire new a “bright offensive minded coach”, then let the GM spend a ton of cap on defense, draft defense, THEN, fire the GM after the draft. WTF??

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Super backwards. 

Here are some GM's currently out there now.

  • Jeff Ireland – assistant general manager – New Orleans Saints
  • Reggie McKenzie – former general manager – previously Oakland Raiders
  • Scott Pioli – assistant general manager – Atlanta Falcons
  • Brian Xanders – senior personnel executive – Los Angeles Rams


Candidates with multiple 2017 or 2018 interviews:

  • Scott Fitterer – co-director of player personnel – Seattle Seahawks
    • Known interviews: 2017: SF / IND / KC
  • Trent Kirchner – co-director of player personnel – Seattle Seahawks
    • Known interviews: 2015: NYJ / 2017:SF, IND
  • George Paton – vice president of player personnel/assistant gm – Minnesota Vikings
    • Known interviews: 2012: STL / 2013: CAR / 2017: SF, IND
  • Jimmy Raye III – senior personnel executive – Detroit Lions
    • Known interviews: 2009: KC / 2010: SEA / 2012: CHI / 2013: SD / 2017: SF, IND / 2018: HST, CAR
  • Louis Riddick – nfl analyst – ESPN
    • Known interviews: 2010: PHI / 2017: SF, NYG
  • Eliot Wolf – assistant general manager – Cleveland Browns
    • Known interviews: 2017: SF, IND / 2018: GB
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11 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

I agree, but this is exactly what Mangini was. Him and Woody hated each others guts and Mangini was fired for being a dick to Woody, among other things.. My worry is CJ fired Maccagnan because he couldnt fire Gase after just hiring him. I get the sense that CJ was blindsided on how irritable Gase's personality is- the total opposite of Bowles, a pushover. Either way, hopefully CJ is totally aligned with Gase and Gase knows what he's doing. If CJ meddles Gase will just quit,

Your worry is that Mac hired Gase, and then CJ told Mac to fire him after not coaching a single game, and then Mac couldn't do it? 

Sorry I just didn't follow that part. 

What gives you any sense that CJ the owner is getting irritable with Gase's personality? How much time do you think the owner spends at the facility with the coaching staff? it has to be minimal?


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12 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

My worry is Johnson was blindsided about how crazy Gase is and panicked by firing a GM he liked because he couldn’t fire w coach 4 months after hiring him. Let’s be honest, everything has been off since the bizarre Gase press conference when he got the job. Actually it predates that as the search was a mess too.

I just don't see that being an issue but who knows what really pushed Mac out the door. I just think it it was something between Gase and Mac, with all of Mac's history and the face that Gase can bring potential to Darnold's progress, CJ made the right choice. 

I am not sure what you mean about everything being off or bizarre since Gase has been here. Only thing odd was the article regarding Gase not wanting to overpay for Bell and CJ Mosley, which I actually like both the deals, think they are going to be good moves. 

Either way probably just something the media is blowing up on a day we fire the GM. Sure Gase and Bell won't even bring it up. 

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