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Why let him spend $100m and draft then fire him? Backwards organization 


Big props to Manish, Connor Hughes, Brian Costello, and whoever the guy is writing for that jersey version of the Pennysaver who dutifully reported that Macc wasn’t getting fired. Top job, chaps. 

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9 minutes ago, greenwichjetfan said:


This makes me a bit sad but who cares.  Macc is gone.  There was gonna be collateral damage with this move. 

Heimerdinger got us Darnold.  He can rest peacefully and hopefully find a good job elsewhere.

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3 minutes ago, Bruce Harper said:

I'm guessing all it took was having Gase whispering in his ear every day.  There will always be this problem when the coach does not report to the GM.

You're probably right, but if true, that sure as hell won't exactly help the interest candidates will have in this Jets' job either.

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16 minutes ago, Rsherman28 said:

Love the move, odd timing. 

I wonder if Schefter is referring to bringing in Bell, Cj Mosley, Crowder. 

Also, I am hoping we make a preseason or training camp move to revamp some of the line or bring in another corner, I feel like this further sets that back, unless we get bring in a GM making willing to make bold moves right away. 

Could be since Mac and company did all the scouting and behind the scene work for the offseason throughout the season, CJ let them finish the job rather than have a different group come in at a disadvantage to the rest of the league.

This has to shake up the players.


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Just now, talisaynon said:

Lmao and making gase interim gm. Yea give the job to the head coach who got rid of all the talent from his previous coaching job

“All the talent” as in an overrated overpaid  Landry and a RB that is out of the league? 

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5 minutes ago, Greenbloodblitz said:

Funny I read earlier today that Bill Belichick will be the defensive coordinator in New England this year

Yeah, but he's a pretty good coach.

Gase as GM?  I don't recall him being the architect of the Cowboys in the 1990's or anything.

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1 minute ago, GuitarJet said:

I feel like I’m watching a Game of Thrones episode. Hire new a “bright offensive minded coach”, then let the GM spend a ton of cap on defense, draft defense, THEN, fire the GM after the draft. WTF??

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Super backwards. 

Here are some GM's currently out there now.

  • Jeff Ireland – assistant general manager – New Orleans Saints
  • Reggie McKenzie – former general manager – previously Oakland Raiders
  • Scott Pioli – assistant general manager – Atlanta Falcons
  • Brian Xanders – senior personnel executive – Los Angeles Rams


Candidates with multiple 2017 or 2018 interviews:

  • Scott Fitterer – co-director of player personnel – Seattle Seahawks
    • Known interviews: 2017: SF / IND / KC
  • Trent Kirchner – co-director of player personnel – Seattle Seahawks
    • Known interviews: 2015: NYJ / 2017:SF, IND
  • George Paton – vice president of player personnel/assistant gm – Minnesota Vikings
    • Known interviews: 2012: STL / 2013: CAR / 2017: SF, IND
  • Jimmy Raye III – senior personnel executive – Detroit Lions
    • Known interviews: 2009: KC / 2010: SEA / 2012: CHI / 2013: SD / 2017: SF, IND / 2018: HST, CAR
  • Louis Riddick – nfl analyst – ESPN
    • Known interviews: 2010: PHI / 2017: SF, NYG
  • Eliot Wolf – assistant general manager – Cleveland Browns
    • Known interviews: 2017: SF, IND / 2018: GB
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4 minutes ago, Matthew007b said:

Wow... emoji50.png The relationship must of been toxic. Now the coach has to deal with trades and contracts on top of coaching..?

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My guess is Gase does not stay GM but helps pick one. Which I don't see an issue with.  The timing of firing of Mac is stupid tho should have happened sooner. 

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