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Francesa, Media on Maccagnan Firing.

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On 5/18/2019 at 10:08 AM, MasterChiefJets said:


Had  occasion to read Mehta's article this morning. Not sure he grasps a lot of what he says makes Gase's perspective sensible.

Maccagnan did not like Gase talking to scouts, rather wanted Gase to talk to him in private. Yes, Gase intentionally moved himself from the draft, but did so in response to a GM who did not want nor value his input at all. Basically Gase gets hired to clean up a toxic waste site spare Darnold on the offensive side of the ball(Maccagnan's handiwork) , and yet his input isn't even considered?

All we really know about the Bell signing is Gase liked the player, but  wasn't crazy about the contract. Newsflash-most long term deals do go to sheet in the out years. You either have a player on your roster who is past his prime or dead cap money. Bell is an interesting case; he will be over 30 at the end, but does the year off extend his useful life(something that happened with John Riggins and almost nobody else!) , or will this heavy workload make him typical of backs falling off the earth production wise after their 30th birthday? If anyone is so inclined we beat this to death at the end of Curtis Martin's career. Typically once backs turn 29/30 and/or have 300+ carries in a given year, they cease being very good. Bell is going to get a lot of touches this season. 

Gase is going to use Bell a whole bunch in no small part because the awfulness of the OL and other receivers (again, Maccagnan's doing) means a lot of delay passes, misdirections, bubble screens and dumpoffs will be going to Bell. Bell is going to be the guy who gets the pass when the play goes to hell. Iif you play fantasy, Bell is going to have a lot of carries, perhaps among the league leaders,  and lead the NFL  backs in receptions. 

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