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Chiefs - Jets Agree to Darron Lee trade

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41 minutes ago, win4ever said:

I don't understand this trade at all.  Why would we trade Lee for a low 6th rd pick, that is going to be closer to a 7th?  I don't think Lee was going to be a star, but at least he had some value as depth on the team.  

I don't understand the lack of urgency for depth all around the team. 

CB- One injury away from free fall

WR- One injury away from disaster

LB - One injury away from being terrible

Probably b/c he was a complete sh*tbag coke head.  We probably would only be looking at a 6th rd compensatory pick after next year anyway if we kept him so might as well get a 2020 compensatory 6th instead of a 2021 comp 6th.  We need picks, the last few drafts have really shown you can't be hanging around with 5 draft picks each year.  We need capital.


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