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Chiefs - Jets Agree to Darron Lee trade

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21 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

6th round pick? Gimme a break.  We would've been better off keeping him at least through camp instead of just giving him away.

This trade sucks. If Macc made it people would be screaming what an idiot he is!!!

That said, I called this earlier today. Now we find out what Gase thinks of Leo and some of Macc's other picks.... This is going to get crazy.

Once they couldn't move Lee during the draft you had to know that there was basically no market for him.   A 6th is better than nothing and he likely would have been cut during camp.   Another failed NY Jets draft pick.   I wonder what pres thinks about it.  

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1 hour ago, Sperm Edwards said:

Osemele is a 30 year-old (or he will be next month) who makes $10M this year and $12M the year after, coming off a bad season for him.

Lee is a physically healthy, speedy 24 year-old who makes $2M. While still unworthy of his draft slot, he was coming off his best season, with visible improvement from year 1 to year 2 to year 3. If he has even a half-decent season this year as starter he'll get a veteran contract and the acquiring team (KC) can recoup more in a comp pick than they surrendered to get him in the first place.

It's not apples to apples.

Disappointment as he was for a 20th overall pick, he was a cheap backup player with years of starting experience, who can obviously start in a pinch should one of our 2 expensive starters go down, or show value in other defensive looks.

Maccagnan was a bad GM, but the only way this is a good trade is if it's being done to show who's the boss and have name players on their toes respecting his authority, and if it has that desired effect on the team. Or maybe if there's something even more that's wrong with Lee from the neck up that we don't know about yet. On paper Lee had more value to keep him than a late 6th rounder next season (trade value of a late 7th rounder this year, since we don't get to use that pick this season). 

"on paper" is a myth.   The value in a market is determined by what buyer is willing to pay and what the seller is willing to accept.   I am sure the Jets contacted 28 teams to unload Lee and this is the best that they could do. 

I actually wouldn't be surprised if Macc had a slightly better draft day offer that he rejected to save face for yet another bad draft pick but Lee's value dropped significantly once the Jets signed Mosely so he's worth what they received in return.   

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