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Your vote for the new GM!

Who do you want for the Jets next GM?  

150 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you want for the Jets next GM?

    • Adam Gase (remove the Interim title)
    • Peyton Manning
    • Joe Douglas
    • Daniel Jeremiah
    • Mike Tannebaum
    • Eric Mangini
    • T0M (don't call me Tom) Shane
    • Charlie Casserly
    • Mike Maccagnan
    • Other (write in vote)

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Douglas, he has a wealth of experience with 2 good organizations. His time is now, unless he is next in line in Philly. He could be scared off by our owner, and the history of failure. Then again if the money is right he might want the challenge.I'm hoping for the latter.

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4 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

99.99% of us on here including myself have no idea who would make for a good GM. That's mostly because we have little to no information on who they are and how they would build a team. The only thing we have to go on is what their experience has been and none of them have been GM, and what other people are saying about them.

I want a guy who understands that every draft pick is a lottery ticket, understands positional value, has strong connections in the scouting community, has world class negotiation skills and can work with his head coach to build the type of roster he wants. Which of those guys is that? No clue. Can I sit in on the interviews and listen, maybe ask some questions before I vote?



It's just speculation I think most posters get that, btw say hello to the Misses.

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 I wouldn't begin to say I know how to run a front office, but at the end of the day it's a company like any other company.

All I can do is look at his experience  which seems to be promising. The Eagles, and JETS have  good relationship so if it looks like a duck quacks like a duck it's a duck. I could see Jeff Lurie being all for and excited with Joe's advancement, especially if everyone above him are locked in place. I haven't really heard anyone put forth another qualified candidate. I see JD as GM, but then again who knows.

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