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Jets officially request interviews

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On 5/24/2019 at 4:30 PM, T0mShane said:

I once dumped a prospective fiancée because she bought me a Jets jersey for Christmas. 

Sheeeesh. Love your posts but why are you mocking Jets fans wearing the gear. I get the pathetic moves this franchise have made for eons but we’re still NY Jets fans do or die. Criticizing this organization over the years for their ineptitude is valid and welcomed IMO because w/o it change is not going to occur. But to slam fans for wearing Jets gear is inexcusable.  In fact, as penance, and as much as I can’t stand this guy, I’m gonna get you a Jamal Adams jersey for opening day and you better wear it and say 1 Hail Mary ( his Career INT total) to amend your transgression.



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Champ Kelly: Here is my resume, these are my accomplishments, this was my role on the Bears, these are the players I comprehensively scouted and successfully drafted, and this is a voluminous list of

Champ Kelly is definitely a well respected man in NFL circles. Why are you assuming he's just someone being used to fulfill the Rooney Rule obligation 🤨🤔

Seriously.  I want Douglas personally, but Champ would be an EXCELLENT hire.

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