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I met Odell Beckham today...

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26 minutes ago, Apache 51 said:

I am so jealous right now, awesome.


Not gonna lie, it was an awesome week. If you only ever do one F1 race it’s tough to beat Monaco. Although both Montreal and Austin are right up there, both fantastic cities and good tracks. i’d also recommend Mexico City, Spa(Belgium) and Monza(Italy)

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Enunwa when healthy can do everything OBJ does without the distractions and embarrassing off the field/twitter moments.

Yeah I know, cool story bro and all that. I’m normally not one to get all star-struck but I admit ,I was today, If you don’t care, no worries, but for what it’s worth he was a genuinely lovely gu

This story ends with a mouthful of jIzz. 

26 minutes ago, Warfish said:

Hope you've had a great time, I hope to visit Monaco myself one day. 

Definitely on my list, perhaps as a "tour of the Principalities", lol.

Liechtenstein, Andorra & Monaco.

😁 well why not? Wouldn’t worry too much bout Liechtenstein personally.

Thanks though,  I did indeed have a great time although I was actually working but there are way worse places to work.

I’d recommend staying in Menton which is about 20 minutes around the coast. The whole area is beautiful, stunning coast and mountains

Bring cash though...lots of it!

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